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When hitting the road, it’s all about keepin’ it fresh! By ‘it’ we mean the sandwiches you’ve packed for the day, your soft drinks to quench your thirst, some meats to BBQ later on, your catch from that day and perhaps some beers and wines to relax at the end of your trip.

WAECO by Dometic has a range of great products to help keep all your food and drinks fresh on your next outdoor adventure. Whether it’s keeping it cool in a WAECO Cool-Ice, freezing it in a WAECO CFX or sealing it with a Dometic Vacuum sealer, everything will be kept fresh until you’re ready to enjoy them!

WAECO Cool-Ice

Cool-Ice Rotomoulded Iceboxes are lightweight, easy to handle and come in eight different sizes so there is a WAECO Cool-Ice icebox to suit your needs. They will keep your drinks icy-cold all day or keep fish and bait fresh on ice. Perfect for a day on the beach, on the boat, whilst fishing or at a BBQ in the outdoors where power is not available.

Dometic Vacuum sealer

With the new lightweight, low profile, 12 and 240 volt Vacuum sealer you can lock meat, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables in airtight packaging designed to keep it fresh up to five times longer than refrigeration alone. This will also help you fit more in your Cool-Ice or CFX if you need it and ultimately makes life easier when travelling.


The CFX Series provide extreme cooling performance and energy efficiency. The range is equipped with strong latches, hinges, drop down handles and a compressor with VMSO (Variable Motor Speed Optimisation) Mark 2.

The next generation in portable cooling is the ideal road tripping fridge/freezer mate, packed full of features and a range of great accessories. These durable and energy efficient CFX are built to suit any outdoor activity and keep your food and beverages at the right temperature.

For more information or to purchase one of the above products, please visit and find your nearest retailer or call 1800 21 21 21.

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