Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay and if you embrace it your camping experience will improve out of sight

I was out camping last weekend on a fishing trip with a mate of mine who is about as old school as they come. We’re both the same age, but he is very set in his ways and takes a long time to accept anything new. I swear he sits at home watching VHS tapes and cursing that the internet is a fad and will never take on. I bet you can relate – we all have that one mate who is hell bent on staying in the dark ages. I suppose back when the first automobile was introduced, there would have been a fair number of people who would have maintained their opinion that the car would never replace the horse. I guess there are always a good number of people who can’t accept or embrace technology.

I remember picking up a copy of a 4WD magazine from the early 1980’s recently where a journalist gave his opinion on the introduction of turbo chargers in 4WDs and exclaimed that they wouldn’t be around for long because they will make diesel engines unreliable and it’s just another thing to go wrong when you’re out in the bush. He made the prediction that they were a big mistake by vehicle manufacturers and they will go back to naturally aspirated slug boxes after they realise. Sure enough turbos are now standard in every single new diesel engine and some of these turbo-charged engines from circa 1980 have now clocked up more than a million kilometres. Yep, I suppose technology really isn’t for everyone.

Back to my fishing/camping trip with my mate. Well you see, he had the old solid axle HiLux because he didn’t want to know about any of the independent front suspension rubbish they are making these days and also believed the humble icebox was the bee’s knees. Now I’ve got two iceboxes of my own in the 50L and 110L model and wouldn’t be without them. But as you can imagine, I am not only a believer of a quality 12V fridge, I believe that they are a necessity for camping these days, an absolute must have if you are serious about spending any considerable time in the Aussie bush. Of course I turned up with my WAECO CFX-50 and it was at the moment we both reached for a cold beer the age old debate, icebox versus 12V fridge was ignited. I didn’t say much as he raved about his Icebox and ridiculed me for forking out on a 12V fridge for the back of my 4WD when an icebox essentially does the same thing. He even went a bit further to let me know that he doesn’t buy ice, he simply freezes cut down 3L milk containers to make his own block ice. While that is quite a clever idea, I thought to myself well there is a time and place for iceboxes and at best they complement a 12V fridge, not replace it.

Day four of the trip and I watched as my mate fished through his icebox and found his ham was floating in water with his beer and the rest of his food. There was water in his butter and the sausages he opened the day before had turned white because the water had got in. I didn’t say a word, I just gave him an icey cold beer from my WAECO and smiled. 


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