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One of the questions I get asked the most is, where is my favourite place in Australia? That’s just about the single toughest question you could ask a bloke like me, because there are just so many great destinations in Oz. There are some places across the Top End that will always go down as firm favourites of mine, but what I usually tell people is that Fraser Island is my favourite destination in Australia. It’s a big call I know, but there is something about that sand island that really does it for me, and chances are if you’ve been to Fraser than you’ll get where I’m coming from.

As the weather starts to warm up I reckon there is no better time than to talk about Fraser and give you a few tips so you can really get the most out of this South East Queensland gem. Fraser Island is a favourite to many Aussies for good reason, and especially around the peak periods and school holidays it can get very busy. However, armed with a bit of knowledge you can avoid the tourists and crowds and enjoy some of the best camping you’ll ever find in Australia.

For me I love belting straight past the tourists, up through Indian Head, through the infamous Ngkala Rocks straight up to Sand Cape. Of course you’ll need to pick your tides as you can only round the Cape on a lowish tide and you do get cut off from the rest of the Island when that tide starts to push in. Which I reckon is half the appeal!

Once you are up at the tip, you really are isolated and as a result need to be self-sufficient. I like to spend a solid week up here at a time and usually fishing that northern part of Fraser, which I might add can be insane! For my camping setup I like to run the Waeco CFX 65L DZ fridge and freezer, which I find is more than enough room for a couple of people for a solid week. Solar is also a good idea and many of the beachfront campsites up there allow a good amount of sunlight through, but you will need to chase the sun with your panels to get the best results.

In terms of fishing, there are plenty of the usual suspects up there that include tailor, bream and flatties. However, as the water warms up you will get a lot of bait up on the shallows and with the bait schools you’ll get tuna, mackerel and even juvenile black marlin – right up in the shallows! If you can take a small roof top boat with you, you won’t regret it. Just be careful about the green zones near the lighthouse to Sandy Cape.  Take plenty of chrome lures as the mack tuna and longtails can be so thick at times you can literally walk on them. 


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