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  Rick Huckstepp, Travel Writer

"Four years ago I bolted down a pair of WAECO CF-110’s in the Go Anywhere Trailer; and since, I have been nearly everywhere!"

Paul Davidson, Professional fisherman

"WAECO iceboxes keep my fish alive in the ABT Kayak tournaments."

  Tony Spencer, Bronco's Head Trainer & Facilities Manager

"We have been using the Waceo Coolfreeze CF 110 AC Fridge  Freezer on our sideline at home games for over 10 years now"
  Wetland Research Association

"A WAECO fridge is a must for any weekend away.."
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Zane Holmes, Former Professional Ironman 

"As we have been hosting happy hour, we have put the WAECO Cool-Ice icebox to good use. Loading it up with roughly 2 cartons of beer and a few bottles of wine it holds a decent amount and I was amazed how long the ice lasted." 
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