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Clint Jones

Hi my name is Clint Jones and I am a huge WAECO fan. I live in North Queensland and between my mates and I we own nine WAECO Cool Freeze fridges. We use these for recreational use, as we are all very keen campers and fisherman.

Personally I own three fridges, a CF110 litre which stays in the back of my car all the time, and I have a Shak Trak camper trailer which has two CF35 litre fridges. These two are set up in the front tailgate of the trailer in a stainless steel frame, and when we are camping I have one set up on freezer and one set up on fridge to have the best of both worlds.

We all use our fridges all the time as we do as much camping as possible. Every christmas we go on a two week trip to Cape Kimberly in the Daintree National Park and the fridges have been excellent. One of the blokes has just returned from a six month tour of Australia and had his CF80 litre set up in the back of his dual cab Hilux with two deep cycle batteries. He did not turn this fridge off once in his whole trip, which goes to show how reliable these fridges really are.

Between myself and the other three blokes with all the fridges we own, not one of us has had a problem with them. I know for a fact that I am one of four very staisfied customers.  We all highly recommend these fridges to everyone, who is in the market for a car/camping fridge.


Clint Jones.

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