Rick Huckstepp, Travel Writer - Waeco

Rick Huckstepp, Travel Writer

Four years ago I bolted down a pair of WAECO CF-110’s in the Go Anywhere Trailer; and since, I have been nearly everywhere!

Traveling throughout the NT on a couple of three month journeys, down through country Victoria and through South Australia’s mid and far north and outback NSW and most of Queensland. As long as it is rough and remote, I’ll be there.

While the wear and tear has taken its toll on trailer wheels, water tanks and the Mitsubishi Pajero all I have had to replace on the Waeco is a lid latch which got slammed between the lid and bottom of the fridge. Not bad in anyone’s books!

Rick Huckstepp in the truck

With the Pajero worn out from the harsh road conditions I now have 6 tonne 4WD truck with a super efficient WAECO CF-11 strapped down on the seat next to me for fresh tucker during the long hauls between camp sites.

Refrigeration in the bush just doesn’t get any better than WAECO!

Rick Huckstepp is a Freelance writer and product tester for various publications including On the Road Magazine, Caravansales.com.au and boatpoint.com.au.

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